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Disguised by
Beauty within.
Use of Photos/Images

If you are going to use any photos and/or images for application
upon a non-commercial website, all that is requested is a link back
to this site. The appropriate link is below:

Title: The Wilted Garden
Description: Beautiful creations for every occasion.  Jewelry,
sculptures, paintings, holiday decor, and more.  Disguised by
magic, beauty within.

However, if you are going to use the photos and/or images on a
commercial site or in the promotion of an item for sale, please
Siobhan to register the url and get permission. We reserve
the right to deny usage to any website or sales promoter that we
feel offensive. We do not require payment of any sort for the use of
the photos and/or images.

Use of Ideas

If you find any of the ideas to be of use to you and are putting
them to use in a non-commercial way, please, go ahead and do so.
However, if you are planning on using our ideas for profit, email
us for permission. Depending upon the scale of your planned
sales, we may or may not request a dividend of the sales. We
reserve the right to deny the sales of our ideas. If we find out that
our ideas have been plundered for personal profit and no credit or
permission was given or our agreement was dismissed, then I
reserve the right to use legal action.

End Note

With that said and done, if you have any further questions or
would like permission to use an image or idea, please email Thank you.