About The Wilted Garden
Disguised by magic,
Beauty within.
You may be wondering, how did the Wilted Garden come to be?  
Why is it the "wilted garden" and not the "flourishing", "wild",
"blossoming" or other such lively terms?  Well, here is the tale
on why the "Wilted Garden" is called such.

A little girl was walking along a dusty old road, absently
banging a stick along the peeling white picket fence beside it.  
Her eyes wandered up to a decaying cottage, it's roof sunk in,
windows hanging off their hinges, and a gaping black hole
where the door used to be.  The surrounding garden was in a
state of disrepair, the roses merely a tangled mass of dried
thorns, even the weeds had shriveled up to nothing but dried up
stalks.  The place gave her the creeps and her step increased in
Then something caught her eye, something had moved in the
garden and curiosity won over the fear.  She pushed open the
fence, which groaned in protest, and cautiously stepped inside.  
The moment the gate swung shut behind her, the garden seemed
to shed a skin and explode with color.  There were flowers
everywhere. blossoming with such richness that their beauty
seemed unreal, and flitting from flower to flower were delicate
faeries, their wings sparkling like rainbow glass.  The little girl
clapped her hands in astonishment, the wilted garden had been
nothing more than an enchanted disguise to protect the faerie's

With that story, you now know that the Wilted Garden is a place
of enchantment, where beauty and excitement lurks with every
click of the button.  Now, the reason the garden came to be was
because Siobhan Falen had a desire to share her crafts with
others and knew a few talented artists that also wished to get
their gifts out there.  So, the garden took bloom  and here it
grows today.